E3 Trailer Shows What the Future Holds for Stars Wars EA Games


Star Wars. The entertainment juggernaut. Since the acquisition by Disney for a reportedly 4.5 billion dollar price tag they have worked hard to create a strong production line for the future of the Star Wars franchise. Smashing records with Star Wars: Force Awakens and now with the anthology films on their way as well Disney is serious about their golden goose.

That’s no different for the games market. Electronic Arts signed a multi-year licensing deal with Lucasfilm (now owned by Disney) in 2013, and they are going full steam ahead to ramp up plenty of new Star Wars games in the near future.

How these will be received is up for debate with many fans wanting many different things and with EA being a rather controversial company and not well liked in the gaming community they will have their work cut out for them to deliver top quality to satisfy the fans.

Get more information about the upcoming games here

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