Jeri Ryan want to reprise role of Seven of Nine in new Star Trek Series.


In a recent interview with Digital Spy Jeri Ryan, famous for playing the sultry borg, Seven of Nine (more like Ten out of Ten, am I right) in Star Trek: Voyager mentioned that she would be open to returning to the iconic character if given the opportunity.

Jeri Ryan burst on the to the scene in season four of Star Trek: Voyager instantly becoming a fan favourite as the sexy, strong and compelling former borg drone. Whilst looking absolutely stunning in those various tight fitting costumes she was more than just sex appeal and went on to become a very memorable character in the Star Trek canon.

“My understanding is that it’s in a very different world from any of the previous shows – but never say never. It’d be fun to just drop in and revisit her – not that I want to revisit her all the time!”

Details about the new series are scarce still but rumor has it that it will be set between Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek: The Next Generation. This poses a problem since the character of Seven of Nine (originally Annika Hansen) would either be very young or not even born yet.

A problem for sure but this is Star Trek we are talking about and the potential for some possible time travel shenanigans are always on the table.

If a clever writer can bring her back in to the series in a natural and non forced way then I am all for it. It would be amazing fan service and a brilliant bridging to the previous series. Jeri Ryan isn’t the only former Voyager alumna that has aspirations about reprising their role. Kate Mulgrew, (Captain Katherine Janeway) has also expressed interest in returning to Star Trek in some capacity.

Lots of potential for the writers of the new series to think about when it comes to drafting those time travel stories we all know and love?

Jeri Ryan in the same interview also had some nice words for new show runner Bryan Fuller.

“Number one, I just love him personally. He’s such a great guy. He’s incredibly talented and he has such a great and quirky vision for all of the projects he’s done. I think he’s going to bring that creative spin – but still have respect for the original beast because he wrote for it for so long [on  Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine]. He’s just going to be great. I’m thrilled for him.”

The new series is slated for release in 2017 and there is a considerable amount of hype building around it. Star Trek has been represented by the big screen reboots since 2009 and has not been on the small screen since Enterprise ended in 2005. I think the consensus is now that Star Trek is long overdue a return to its roots on television and with a talented group of former Star Trek writers running the show there is plenty of reason to be excited that what makes Trek so great will be preserved and expanded upon.

Speculating about potential cameos of well loved characters is perhaps premature but it’s still good to know that even 15 years after the last episode of Star Trek: Voyager aired there is still plenty of love from members of the cast for their characters and the franchise. Jeri Ryan had this to say about her role:

“That character gave me a career. That was a beautifully written character to get to play as an actor. She was really a gift. As far as legacy to the fans, it was yet another really strong portrayal of a woman. She was incredibly intelligent and incredibly strong. Young girls can grow up – and have grown up – looking up to her. I’ve heard from a lot of young women now watching Star Trek that she inspired them to go into engineering, into astrophysics and any number of STEM industries.”

What do you think? Should the new show break away from all the previous series and start totally fresh or are you open to the idea of characters from previous shows turning up?

  1. sherry says

    What do you think? Should the new show break away from all the previous series and start totally fresh or are you open to the idea of characters from previous shows turning up?
    We should have some new and old character I think the fans will like the idea
    I think it would make a better show in the process one and very interested

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