Karl Urban Shows Interest in Reprising Dredd Role


The character of Judge Dredd dates back to 1977 when he first appeared in 2000AD, the famous British weekly science-fiction anthology. Since then the character has spawned a huge cult following and many comic books in his own eponymous series that is still ongoing today.

Then in 1995, Sylvester Stallone got a hold of the property and made the cheeseball adaptation that was pretty much universally panned by critics. Even though I am a big fan of Judge Dredd from the comics and this film did a terrible job portraying the character and world I have a fondness for it in a “so bad it’s good” kind of way.

Who doesn’t like watching Stallone tear through scenery with such abandon?


But I digress…

The Stallone film put the brakes firmly on any real interest in doing a big blockbuster film until Urban reprised the character in 2012’s “Dredd” directed by Pete Travis came along and blew away expectations with a thrilling and stylized film infusing far more of the comics gritty and disparate dystopian future. The film was far better than it had any right to be but unfortunately flopped, probably in part to a lackluster marketing campaign but probably more because of the stigma still lingering from the Stallone film all those years ago.



Since its rather disappointing outing at the box office, grossing only $41 million on a $50 million budget it has grown to become a cult favourite and fans are eager to see more of Urban’s excellent portrayal as the tough as nails judge, jury and executioner. Alex Garland the film’s screenwriter put a damper on that idea saying that fans purchasing DVD’s were not going to convince studio executives to greenlight a sequel.

Luckily for the fans though (and me) Karl Urban wants to see more of Dredd as well, confirming –after a fan on twitter posted a fan made poster for a possible Dredd 2– that he would love to reprise the role.

With 200,000+ fans and counting having signed a petition to get Urban back in the helmet after his commitments as Bones in Star Trek are fulfilled it looks like there may be some real hope behind seeing either another film or even more tantalizingly a Netflix, HBO or Amazon Prime series.

The initial film might have been a flop but the buzz is certainly growing and the interest is overwhelmingly positive and in the times we live grassroots support can catch like wildfire online and let’s be honest, a Dredd series would be amazing if it could go in full guns blazing with a decent budget.

Make it happen and let’s get back to Megacity One! I already know what the season 1 cliffhanger scene would be:


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