Kung Fury II Teased by Creator David Sandberg


It’s been a year since Kung Fury burst on to the internet. A short film crowdfunded on Kickstarter by writer/director/star David Sandberg. An over the top, highly stylized 80’s inspired extravaganza. Sandberg originally had looked to raising $200,000 but ended up smashing that original goal with $630,019 finally raised. That was enough to expand certain aspects of the film and even manage to get David Hasselhoff in for a cameo and song.

Today the film is free to watch on Youtube and has racked up over 25 million views. If you have never checked it out before you should do yourself a favour and remedy that A.S.A.P.

So, with the year anniversary today Sandberg released this on his twitter account. S script for Kung Fury II wrapped in the red bandana for extra emphasis.

We don’t really have any more information to go on but this seems to speak more than clearly enough that KFII is a go. The “IT’S HAPPENING” tag on that tweet pushes it over the edge. More Hasselhoff, dinosaurs, Nordic Gods and power glove powered time travel please.

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