New Star Trek Teaser Trailer Shows off Logo for 2017 Show.


With the new Star Trek series rapidly approaching at warp speed for its 2017 arrival back on the small screen CBS Studios have released this teaser trailer for advertisers at Carnegie Hall in New York City and now to us, Trekkies around the globe.

Almost everything about the new series is still a mystery to the general public but do expect that it will be set in the Prime Universe (as opposed to the alternate current film universe) and as the teaser tells us will feature a new crew, new villains , new heroes and new worlds as the iconic music swells.

The new series has been taking on some very interesting people to actually make the thing and if you’re a dyed in the wool Trek fan they should fill you with some hope.

With names like Nicholas Meyer (the director of Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country the best, in this humble fans opinion of the original cast films) on board as writer and consulting producer, Bryan Fuller as Executive Producer and showrunner and Alex Kurtzman also serving as an exec to no doubt bridge the old generation with the new, there is a lot to be excited for and the choices made show a willingness to get Star Trek “right” and make sure the core principles of what make Trek so special are the driving force of this new series.

We can’t get much from this teaser but tentatively the excitement grows to see a true new Star Trek series coming back to our screens after so long away.


  1. OhThatEthanMiguel says

    It doesn’t say a new crew; it says new crews, plural.

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