Prison Break Will Return. New Trailer Just Landed.


When Fox announced that fan-favourite Prison Break was returning in 2017 it was met with a decent degree of hype and since then we’ve all been waiting for the trailer to arrive to see our erstwhile heroes return to do some more high quality prison escaping and breaking.

With Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell, Robert Knepper and Amaury Nolasco all reprising their roles fans of the original run of Prison Break have reason to be excited and the trailer certainly delivers on what looks to be a high-octane and drama fuelled continuation. 

I watched Prison Break on its original 2005-2009 run and was a big fan of the show. That said, by the last season the convoluted way the writers had to keep getting them back in to various prisons so they could satisfy the premise of the shows name had long since tipped over the edge of the ridiculous. Michael has broken out of 3 prisons by my count and looks to be adding a fourth in the new series. This lad breaks out of “prisons” easier than I do out of bed in the morning.

From the trailer we can see that Michael Scofield has somehow managed once more to get himself handily incarcerated and his brother Lincoln Burrows is heading up the rescue attempt to break him out.

It’s stretching the edges of credulity but given how fun the show can be and how great some of the characters are (awesome to see T-Bag making a return) this is one that deserves waving away the convoluted premise and to just enjoy that it’s coming back after 7 long years when it finally lands in 2017. This is one I’ll be definitely checking out.

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