Sculptor of infamous Cristiano Ronaldo bust gets second chance after being commisioned by Bleacher Report


Portuguese sculptor Emanuel Santos was commissioned by Bleacher Report to get a second chance at the bust of the Real Madrid legend.

Bleacher Report has released a documentary about Portuguese sculptor Emanuel Santos, who was badly mocked for his attempt at making a sculpture of the Real Madrid superstar and fellow Portugese, Cristiano Ronaldo.

B/R Football have decided to reach out to the sculptor and commission a second try at the bust, which is accompinied by an article by Bleacher Report writer Kathy Naqi, to give the much maligned sculptor a chance to redeem himself.

The second attempt is, thankfully, a big success, but it wasn’t without difficulty for Santos and his family.

The article and documentary goes in to detail about the social and mainstream media mockery that Santos endured, which was further felt due to the fact he lives on the island of Madiera, which is also where Cristiano hails from.

Santos was contemplative after the second and successful attempt:

One day, I want my son to understand that if he enjoys doing something very much, [he] doesn’t let himself be defeated with negative criticism,” Santos said to Naqi. “Sooner or later, if we believe in ourselves and are persistent, we can succeed in life. Even though his father never had a degree, isn’t a teacher or a doctor [and comes] from a poor family, he was able to make something of himself in this world.

You can watch the short documentary below:

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