What if Yoda had turned to the Dark Side?


The diminutive green Jedi Master is one of the most powerful characters in the entire Star Wars saga and was instrumental in training Luke to become a Jedi and to also resist the pull of the dark side. But what if the benevolent and wise Yoda had turned to the dark side himself? Chaos would no doubt have ensued with Yoda even possibly defeating the emperor and taking over the entire empire himself and plunging the universe into even more darkness than Darth Sidious and Vader did. He may be small but as we know you shouldn’t judge him by his size and without a doubt Yoda falling to the dark side would have been a disaster. Of course, Yoda stayed in the light but “what if” scenarios are always fun.

Alternative Video Game/Movie/TV series artwork is very popular on the internet with some fantastic artists bringing fresh and unique artistic takes on well known characters. Yoda, super popular as he is, is no exception and the “what if” of Yoda falling to the dark side has been thought of plenty of times before so here is some art from around the web showing what it might look like if the Jedi Master succumbed to the dark side!






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